How to Gain Admission into Unilorin 2019/2020 Session

how to gain admission into Unilorin

This guide is meant to show you the recommended steps you must follow to ensure you gain admission into UniIlorin 2019/2020 academic session.

Note: Unilorin admission system is Dynamic and subject to alteration at any given occasion.

The information therein addresses all aspirants which include Direct Entry Candidates, Utme Candidates, and Remedial Candidates.

A lot of you would have been pondering about how to gain admission into the University of Ilorin; in the condition that your qualification does not significantly mean you will gain admission, though it is still the bedrock of admission.

Howbeit, it is not a big deal, but special attention must be given to this topic; perhaps for those who are yet to comprehend the current admission system of the board.

The University of Ilorin guides her reputation jealousy and amicably; they are ready to always conduct a fair admission which is strictly based on qualifications.

Take a look at the past system, it is no news that having an impressive Jamb Score does not in a way guarantee that you will gain admission.

Many a time, aspirant jump the gun without careful consideration of the admission system before choosing the University of Ilorin as their choice of institution, and later to end up with no admission.

So much so, we have decided to provide a little information that will ensure you gain admission Unilorin, alongside we hope to clear the air on the system of admission for the University of Ilorin.

The Current Grading System of Unilorin admission.

Gone are the days and the era of Jamb score being the most significant determinant for admission for the University of Ilorin.

The University of Ilorin has recently shifted focus to Post utme being the major decisive factor for securing admission.

Providing a thorough, efficient and a non-debatable explanation to this, Unilorin has emerged a new system and the board has come to the conclusion that the total aggregate for admission would be (but not limited to) post utme score calculated alongside with O’level result.

Speaking of which, the board has a special internal aggregate which is never open to the public that determines the admission chances of students.

The total aggregate is usually summed on the combination of the score a student has in his/her O’level and post utme.

If you want to know more about how this would be calculated see this article; *how Unilorin gives admission*.

That being said, what does a student need to do to gain admission?

How to gain admission into Unilorin by all means.

Now, the big question you would sure want to ask is “What must I do to gain admission into Unilorin by all means?”.

In actuality, the board recently announced that 12,000 (Twelve thousand students) would be admitted in 2019/2020 academic session.

However, 49,000 students (estimated) was recorded to have sat for the post utme screening exam.

So, it, therefore means that admission chances would be slim, and apparently strict.

Special Note!!!

Speaking from the Varsity protocol of admission for the University of Ilorin, Unilorin does not in any way conducts an admission base on manipulations, the admission is open to anyone that is suitably qualified in sense of the following:

  1.  S/he must have the minimum utme cut off mark of 180, or has the required Direct entry grade in respect of the chosen course.
  2. S/he must have chosen the University as the first choice.
  3. S/he sat for the University of Ilorin post utme and met the minimum cut off mark of 50%

With those in place, any student has a definite admission chance.

So, let me speak in a different phase.


The only reason that hinders an aspirant from gaining admission although being qualified.

There is really no point for debate as this is very simple and easy to understand as to *why most students don’t gain admission into the University even after meeting other requirements.*

So here are few admission limitations that surpass qualification.

1. Admission Quota Consideration:

It has been openly declared that the University of Ilorin will only admit 12,000 (twelve thousand) students which include the direct entry candidate, utme candidate, and Remedial candidate for the 2019/2020 session.

Thus, anyone who doesn’t gain admission must understand this Quota.

Unequivocally, it means that many qualified candidates would be stripped out leaving the luckiest ones.

In respect of this, we might also have to consider Quotas subjected to Catchment areas and specific department.

Get it straight and plain, assuming the Varsity intends to admit just 3,000 students in her Medical department, but they recorded 5,000 qualified applicants.

They would only give the admission to 3,000 students for Medical Department and give the remaining qualified candidates other courses.

2. Cases of wrong Entries and Failure to Update Jamb Caps.

Many Qualified students would be and have been denied admission due to wrong entries in the course of the post utme screening registration.

In addition, a student is expected to have all of his/her detail, O’level and A’level result uploaded completely in Jamb Caps. However, a lot of candidates fail to this and therefore, resulting in admission loss despite the fact that S/he has other qualifications in place.

Aside from the above reasons for not gaining admission into Unilorin, below are prevalent cases.

1. Wrong Utme Combination:

Unilorin also looks at your Utme subject combination, and if the correct subject required for your course is not complete, you will either be asked to choose other courses or you choose to quit.

In many occasions, this is one of the major course of not gaining admission.

2. Incomplete O’level Relevant Subjects.

Come to think of it, the Unilorin has a special waiver remark for different courses.

To be plain and lucid, you must have the exact Five relevant O’level subjects for your aspiring course else you totally lose the admission or get another course as it best fits your qualification.

Now, this is why you are here, the focus is still ‘how to gain admission into Unilorin’.


Here are few tips to gain admission into Unilorin

1. If you still have the opportunity, it is recommended to use One sitting O’level result.

Oh Yes, Unilorin accepts two sittings for admission if that is what you want to ask, but if you want me to tell you the truth so that you will know where you stand; two sittings limits your chance in a way, but not in totality.

To hit the nail on the head, if you truly want to stand a good chance to gain admission, use one sitting, either Wassce or Neco certificate.

Remember O’level is used in determining admission; therefore, you must present the best result with good grades.

If you have to use two sittings O’level result, ensure it is the right combination.

We recommend using Waec June/July + Waec Nov/Dec ( GCE).

2. Ensure you score 50% or higher in post utme.

I earlier emphasized on the importance of Post utme in admission processing.

If it hasn’t occurred to you yet, know that post utme stands as the first factor for admission.

Your Jamb score would only determine what course you qualify for.

Special note for Direct Entry candidates!!!

Your A’level grades matters and would be used to calculate your total aggregate for admission.

However, each certificate type e.g Ijmb, Jupeb, Nd, etc. has a different calculation base.

3. Be very cautious and careful of what you enter while registering for post utme.

Any mistake can disqualify you, so provide accurate detail during post utme as entries cannot be changed after the registration process.

You can find out *how to register properly for Unilorin post utme here*.


4. Be sure to upload your O’level result and A’level result in Jamb Caps.

You must do your utme registration in an accredited center and ensure your O/A Level result is uploaded properly to Jamb caps.


5. You must only choose the University of Ilorin as your first choice.

Unilorin does not accept second choice for admission so you must never make the mistake of choosing the University of Ilorin as second choice.

Final Note:

In conclusion of all the above, be reminded that catchment area is a big factor for admission.

It may limit or increase your admission chances.

All the best, i will be here to answer any preceding questions on the topic, kindly leave a comment.

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