How Unilorin Gives Admission

How does unilorin give admission

Even if you have all the needed qualifications to secure admission into the University of Ilorin, the process involved may still appear intimidating along the course of securing admission, we know, and We’ve been there before.


The goal of this article is to educate you on how Unilorin gives (processes) admission. We would share a brief analysis of how students are graded and what you must do on your own accord to gain admission. Thereby, we hope to enlighten you on the current Unilorin admission grading system.

Sometimes ago, we shared an article where we made mention of some standing principles and protocols of the Varsity admission modus operandi, we looked into some factors that guarantee admission and shared a summary on how a student can gain sure admission into the University of Ilorin.

Today, you will find salient information here on how Unilorin gives admission to students in a more apparent note.

There is actually nothing much and it is not that of a complicated system.

The whole things run down to you having the right information and making the right use of it.

Unilorin is one of the most distinguished institutions across the globe, and her admission processing could be regarded as dynamic.


The system of admission can be changed at any time and if you are not updated in terms of information you will actually be on the wrong grounds.

However, this article will always be updated and re-uploaded consequently to address the current system of admission processing at the University of Ilorin.

Information, as they say, is power.


Let’s take an in-depth look into the information you must have in order to achieve your goals.


The University of Ilorin does her best to kick against biased admission processes, but on the same note, a student who truly wants to secure admission must be ready to face the hurdles and sail through the process which most people term as frustrating.

Not to scare you, be aware that the board is not meek in choosing who is best fit for admission into the various admission programmes.

The University of Ilorin system of admission must be respected and followed strictly as the Varsity will not condone students’ going against the principle and standards of admission.

So let me throw more light on the topic.


What are the standards of admission that Unilorin looks at?

Remember, that the correct level of exposure will ascertain the heights you would be able to climb. Whereas, there are obstacles that might scratch you across the line to test your level of value and readiness for admission comes in mind when assessing the standards the school puts in place.


So, addressing this most pertinent subject, as a curious admission seeker you might need to know exactly what Unilorin looks at in qualifying students and the course he/she qualifies to study.

So here is what you must know.

The institution standard of admission is circled under a three-figure performance.

To be more definite, this is to say that before your admission request can be granted, you must meet the three-figure performance required.

In terms of performance, I refer to the qualification you present to prove that you qualify to study the course you are offering to study.


The first figure (O ‘level).

As a prerequisite, the first figure is, as a student you are expected to have the relevant O’level subjects ( 5 core subjects) pertaining to the course you want to study.

This is the most imperative qualification needed from you as an admission seeker, O’level is the general factor of qualification that has been implemented by the Nigerian University Commission (NUC), the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board ( JAMB) and the Ministry of Education in co-operation; that all students must first achieve to gain entrance into any tertiary institution for further studies.


Even if you have other qualifications except this, you would not be given the opportunity to further your tertiary education as it is the most valuable standards looked at.

Furthermore, I like to stretch this as there is more to just having an ordinary O’level result.


More information on the accepted O’level qualification.

There are many means of O’level certification granted in Nigeria, but not all will stand the test of time in your quest for admission as it pertains to how Unilorin gives admission.

As expected, the board aims to be one that would be regarded as first-class if not already one and as a citadel bringing out first class graduates, the system of admitting students must not be light or simplistic but formal and strict which is normal and required to achieve its goals.


Speaking of which, a student must possess a standard O’level result and not just any O’level result to maintain the image that the board hopes to build or have already built.

Perhaps, for a course constituted as high standards you must have a standard O’level result.

To make my points clear and brief, the certification you are having be it Neco, Waec, Nabteb O’level or Cambridge O’level has a direct impact on the course you will get and anyone thinking of how Unilorin gives admission should always remember that O’level is the basic foundation.


The second figure ( Utme/A ‘level).

The importance of Jamb as a major part of admission processing in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized.

It is either you are qualified first base on Jamb criteria or you have an advanced level certificate or you will not have any opportunity to study at the University of Ilorin.

Without further exaggeration, the board places importance on this, there is a fixed utme cut off mark for all courses and if you are looking forward to studying any course you must meet that cut-off mark.

I like to draw a line and make special reference on this.


Even if you fail to meet the required cut off mark by one score, you are not qualified and will not be admitted to run that course even if you have other qualification in excess as far as Unilorin is concerned.

To make things more lucid, assuming you plan on studying computer science of which utme cut off mark is currently fixed on 220; But you had 219 in jamb you had 80% in post utme and a standard one sitting Waec result with the five relevant subjects.

You will not be given admission to study computer science but some other courses that your score qualifies for.


In a nutshell, it is very important to meet the minimum or above the required utme specified cut off mark for your course otherwise other qualifications would not be useful.

On the other hand, a candidate who plans on using direct entry will also be accepted provided you have the minimum requirement.


The third figure ( Post Utme).

Although this comes third does not mean it is least looked at. Don’t be surprised that it is the major qualification that the institution cares about the most.

To hit the nail on the head, if you have other two qualifications mentioned above and you do not meet the minimum post utme cut off mark which is pegged at 50%, the board will not give you any course to study.

What does this three-figure of performance mean?

It means, one out of this three-figure equals to zero that is no admission for you.

However, there is an exclusion.

As long as you score 180+ in utme or have the minimum Advanced level grade, and also had not less than 50% in post utme plus the required o ‘level subjects with credits, you stand a chance of admission.

Conclusion (How Does Unilorin give admission).

That is the summary of how Unilorin processes admission.

But to be more precise, the current thing to know is, as of 2019/2020. O’level/A’level result plus post utme will be added to get your finaaggregate,, and this final aggregate is Unilorin’s admission grading system that determines what course you qualify to study.

In addition, if you are from the catchment area you stand a more chance of admission.


This is how Unilorin gives admission to students, I hope it is loud and clear?

One big advice.

Stick to a major source of information, information helps a lot.

Of which you have the Unilorin HelpMate, Osas Divine Blog, and Plato Team.

This should be a priority to ensure you do not lose admission.

We wish you success in your admission pursuit, you can speak with Unilorin HelpMate for further processing steps.

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